What We Do

We are thankful for God’s provision. The following are areas of local involvement:

Children’s Home and School (Pengharapen)

A children’s home and school was opened in February 2002, providing more than ninety Sumbanese youth with a Christian upbringing and a safe haven in which to grow. The children are cared for until they are 21 years old unless they are pursuing further studies, in which case they are provided for until they have completed their studies.

Each evening, the day is closed with Scripture reading and singing. The older children take turns explaining a text they have chosen. When necessary, Mr. Sommer adds to their explanation and reads more from the Bible. On Saturday evenings, there is singing. Each age group sings songs they have practiced during the week.

Church Development

Though we do not plant churches, the Mission has played an important role in the development of seven churches in the area. This has led to many opportunities for the children in the home and neighbourhood including Sunday school instruction, Catechism classes, and Bible studies. Presently, there are between 200 and 250 students in the Sunday School program and approximately 50-100  come every week for a Bible study and afterward receive something to eat and drink.


In 2006, with helpful cooperation from government officials, the Mission was privileged to open its own school and in 2008 to build a school facility. There has been consistent growth in enrolments every year.  We work with several government programs and are thereby able to influence young minds in the ways of the Lord. All of our staff are properly trained and we offer classes through grade 10.

Health Care

The Mission has many healthcare opportunities among the local people.  We supply vitamins and provide medicine if local nurses run out of supplies. When the work began in 1999, there was one nurse with limited supplies within a 50-mile radius. The government appreciates our assistance and have since sent two additional nurses to work in our area. A new health clinic was built a few years ago.